About Us

With my background as a graphic designer when my grandfather passed away my family give me the task of finding a place where we could design and buy his headstone.  Since, I was not aware of where to turn for help, I picked up the Yellow Pages and start calling different monument companies. Unfortunately, quickly I found out that this was not an easy task and the cost of headstones varied dramatically from one monument company to next. Most monument companies price their monuments based on the number of words on the headstone. Which this by it self could increase the cost of the grave stone significantly (if a granite stone require extra lines of copy or a poem). In addition, most companies could not design a marker with native language other than English and those who could were charging a lot more for different ethnic language. With my design background I decided to design my grandfathers headstone and that is how Mecca Stones was born.

At Mecca Stones our goal is to provide you with the best service and quality headstones to honor your loved one. We provide the best tools you need in order to create the perfect headstones where your loved ones memories will live on forever. Mecca Stones is a family owned business for almost 20 years so we understand the importance of remembering loved ones and their legacy.

With there being so many different ethnicities here in California one thing we have learned is how to design a custom flat granite headstone with languages other than English. We always recommend to families to design the flat granite headstone with us so that it is personal and has more meaning to you and your family. Writing a message, the loved ones name and or dates in your native language is a great way to preserve your family’s culture. For more information on designing a flat granite headstone, contact Mecca Stones at (818) 925-5005 and speak with us to help you.